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Blue E-Commerce Packaging box


A few months back, we onboarded a D2C client who started his venture a few years back. His company has been recognised as an emerging player in the ecommerce market segment. Before partnering with Beepac, he followed conventional packaging methods.

When our team and client were having a healthy conversation, we came to know that his ecommerce firm used to receive customer complaints about damaged packaging. Our client's product has a good weight making his packaging prone to damage.

Though our client followed best practises, the product package used to get damaged during transit. Our Beepac team derived a rigid box packaging solution for his ecommerce after consolidating his requirements. We manufactured luxury packaging for ecommerce incorporated with Structural Packaging.

Our solution allowed our client to reduce the packaging defect during transit to close to zero. Our packaging solution delivers the utmost safety and protection. Beepac preferred first-grade packaging materials that delivered sturdy, high-protection packaging against the product's weight.

Also, our client conveyed to us that his end customers were very happy with the packaging style, the surface finish, and the customer experience of unboxing the delivered package.

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People love to taste fresh cream cake until/unless it is perfectly packed and the freshness is retained. We, Beepac, grabbed an opportunity to deliver our excellence in fresh cream cake packaging solutions.

We think it was approximately 2 years before a client from the bakery industry approached us. The meeting went well; everything was set, and we started to offer our packaging solution. We preferred the highest quality of food-grade materials when manufacturing cake boxes.

We manufactured the package to withstand the outdoor heat, act as a thermal insulator, and keep the fresh cake from melting. Also, when designing the cake box, we kept "folding patterns" in mind that aided the baker and consumer to pack/unpack at ease without disturbing the cake structure.

We, the Beepac team, felt so happy when we heard positive feedback from our client stating that our packaging solution enabled them to deliver the cake with absolute freshness.

He also mentioned that Beepac's cake box kept its freshness for more than 25% of the time, which is higher than the other cake boxes available on the market. Till now, we have been their vendor for many years and years to come.

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Sri Kumaran Bakery & Sweet Box


Sweets are always loved and liked by all age groups. Nowadays, these sweets are purchased for gifting purposes with the intention of sharing happiness with loved ones.

Each sweet represents the culture and heritage of India from communities that reside in its lengths and breadths and have their own rich story, texture, shape, sweet recipes, flavours, and unique way of serving sweets.

We had a chance to provide our sweet box packaging solution to one of the pioneers in the sweet and savoury segment. Our client approached us to provide them with corporate-level packaging for gifting sweets purchased by their end customers.

We worked collaboratively, starting with deciding the package designs, colours, unique foldings, and much more. Beepac's Sweet Box has assisted our client in pulling in a huge base of customers with a grand new corporate packaging style for gifting sweets.

We preferred biodegradable and food-grade packaging materials when manufacturing sweet boxes. The technique used by us has retained the freshness of sweets delivered to various locations. We, Beepac, have added happy and satisfied customers to our portfolio.

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